venerdì 16 dicembre 2016

Queenie knows exactly what you are thinking - once and again: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

It's all about Queenie Goldstein. It's all about Fine Frenzy.
No, wait. It's all about Alison Sudol!
Well, doesn't metter how you call her, she will always know what you are thinking' 
because she is a Legilimens.
She is also Tina younger sister and a great cook.
We can certainly say she is the sweetest character of Fantastic Beasts.
This time J.K Rowling made a wonderful job creating a female character who is a free spirit, big hearted and for sure a heroine but still so feminine.
And thosee dresses...
I've realized a set for your Christmas/Holidays wishes and gifts inspired by this character.
You will be able to download and print in high resolution 2 greeting cards and 5 gift tags for a very small price.
Follow this link to my Etsy Shop to take a closer look!

Let me know about what you think of this new digital illustrations I've made 
and if you like my new store LaBellaCiambella itself.

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