sabato 4 giugno 2016

Cause we love doughnuts!

Dunkin Donuts
watercolors on paper
So yesterday was Doughnut Day and of course I had to celebrate with a little sketch in Dotty Style.
I called this quick illustration: "Donut swim today - you've had way too many doughnuts".

Funny fact about me: 
when I was younger I used to spend the Summertime in Los Angeles with my sister. The last time we were there we had this crazy idea to open a Backery in Pasadena and call it 
"Bella Ciambella" ("beautiful doughnuts" in italian).
I think it's a super catching name so if anyone wants to use it for his bakery, 
well, you can! Just call me to illustrate your menù!
In my family we have a real talent to create funny/catching name for imaginary shops!

Dunkin donuts queen
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